Municipality of Antalya designed one of coasts just for women’s wonders. This place is a social facility just for women so you can spend a day without getting bored. However designers tried to prepare everything for needs of peeople. There are Spa Center ,Hamam, Sauna, Steam Bath, Massage, Hairdresser, Cafe, Patisserie, Fish and Meat Restaurant, Boutique, Handmade products. For instance, you may have your meal at one of restaurants. Furthermore you may drink something at a cafe, too. In addition you can also buy something from market and shops. There are limts for to carry food from outside so you shall carry enough cash or credit card. You may come with snack aparative things and a little water.

You may also spend time with your children at the amusement or sport park. In addition the area designed for needs of disabled people. All of the workers are female and it is covered by pine trees very well. It is forbidden to swim near to the Antalya women’s beach from other beaches through sea.

You will admire the beauty of landscape at Sarısu women’s beach. The length of beach is 400 meters.

The beach is at Konyaaltı as well as it is so much near to the last bus station. Therefore you can reach easily by public transportation.

Sarısu women’s beach serve just for women between 08:00 and 19:00 hours. Although you may spend time with your family between 19:00 and 24:00 hours. The most noteworthy you will not pay any charge for swimming at women’s beach. The facial society serve on all seasons.



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