The Most Famous Ancient City of Antalya

Once upon a time Perge was capital city of Pamphylia region.You can sight 12 statues of Perge ancient city which are on exhibition at Antalya Archaelogical Museum. Statue of Dancer is the most famous sculpture of Perge cause of its rare kind of structure. Both of white and dark marbles used while creating the statue of dancer. The height of statue is 2,25 meters. Sculpture of Dancer has prepared in 2nd century AD.

Archaeological researches still contiue about prehistoric importance of Perge ancient city. Obsidian and flintstone found at area which indicates that prehistoric settlements were here.

Theater, stadium, agora, monumental fountains and hammams has constructed after Pax Romana agreement. Cities developed very well during peace periods. Towers and gates of city constructed during Hellenistic age. Sillyon and Aspendos cities resisted against Alexander the Great but Perge agreed with Hellenic Republic in BC 334.

The theater is at left and stadium is at right  when you step at the Perge ancient city.

You will notice a water channel at middle of Perge ancient city. As you walk  among columns of the city , you will feel like you are navigating in the Hellenistic era. You will also sight aquadect, gymnasium, hammam, fountain and gate of city if you take a stroll at the ancient city. Public of city had water aquadects and sewage system which designed very well.

Most noteworthy you will also sight mosaics of “Okeanos” and “Medusa” at Perge ancient city. Plancia Magna was a woman who managed city as a governor of Perge for a while in 2nd century AD.

Perge ancient city located at Aksu town which is 19 kilometres far to east of Antalya city. By the way Museum Pass Card is valid.

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