As you know, rafting is a kind of sportive activity. You will use paddles on the raft while river streams fastly. You will notice rocks, trees, waterfalls on the river. Therefore the speed of water changes due to these obstacles. Consequently, the river is graded according to the difficulty of obstacle degree. Hence the hardest rafting is 6th degree and the easiest rafting is 1st degree. In conclusion the 6th degree rafting means that is impossible to complete which isn’t on any river at Türkiye. You can attend to rafting on any season except winter. The difficulty of rafting increases due to water level decreases. Rocks appear if water level decreases so rafts pass hardly. Spring time is the best for highest water level. Summer is the most popular term for rafting.

There are many rivers in Türkiye which are suitable for rafting. For instance Saklıkent of Fethiye, River Melen of Düzce, Watercourse Fırtına of Rize, etc..  Although Antalya is the best place for rafting opportunities. For example, Stream Dim and Alara watercourse are suitable for rafting, too.

The guide will give information about rafting and what to do on the raft. The best driver who is the guide of river manages the boat at the back of raft. Guests can use paddles if they wish. There will not be more than 10 people on the raft.  The most noteworthy you must wear helmet and life jacket during tour. You will come to the rafting as if you go to the seaside. In addition you will need extra clothes after rafting at river. You will enjoy much.


First of all, Köprülü Canyon is approximately 100 kilometres far to northeast of Antalya city center. The valley isn’t far to the Side town. You will drive in pine forests. You will see the bridge of Oluk on river Köprü at entrance of valley which constructed at Roman Empire period at 2nd century AD. Oluk bridge was built about 30 meters above the river. You will admire the Nature Park of Köprülü Canyon. The bridge Büğrüm is the other one which constructed over watercourse Kocadere. Köprülü canyon means “the valley with bridges”. The source of River Köprü is at Taurus Mountains.

You will do rafting for 13 kilometers. The level of water changes between 1 meters and 5 meters. The rafting complete in four hours. you will remember excitement, cold water and happiness.


River Manavgat, Alara and Dim are also suitable for rafting. You can try your chance at one of these rivers. Organizators arrange everything even breakfast and getting from hotel.

We also offer Göynük Canyon of Kemer town. This place is a wonderful place for spending time at cool water of valley.


Have you ever search for the most expensive hotels? Belek has the best coasts and best hotels. Thousands of football club accommodate at one of hotels at Belek town of Antalya. Belek is also famous with its Golf lands. Most famous people stay at Belek. In conclusion Antalya isn’t popular just for beach. The most noteworthy you may live a comfortable life, too.


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