Köprülü Canyon isn’t far to the Manavgat town.  The name of river is Köprüçay and Bilgelik valley doesn’t known much so the beauty of nature is perfect. You should walk for a while after parking the car if you want to reach to the Bilgelik valley. The depth of valley is 600 meters. The popular name of canyon is Bilgelik valley but the other name of valley is “Canyon of Tazı”. The valley is a perfect place for hiking. You will also notice a small waterfall if you walk in forest. Furthermore , a rock tomb may seen while walking on valley. In addition you should go to the Altınkaya village for to visit the Selge ancient theater. You will reach to the Köprülü Selge ancient site via passing over a Roman bridge.You will also see ancient ruins at backward of the ancient theater. People usually prefer to take a stroll on Tazı Canyon, Köprülü Canyon Nature Park and Selge Ancient site.

In fact , Köprülü Canyon occured as a result of river. The river doesn’t stream strongly so you can pass over water in summer time. You will see two bridges which cause to name the valley as Köprülü (bridged) Canyon. Rafting is the best solution for to discover the canyon. You will enjoy much while riding the inflatable boat on the river.


First of all, you can easily reach to the valley by off-road vehicles. Public transportation is an option,too. You can also hike in forest. By the way you can reach to the valley after an hour walking in nature. Transportation is possible till the beginning of valley and then you will walk in nature for  reach to the source of valley. Furthermore you should walk in water for a while if you wish to go to the source of valley. Most noteworthy you will admire the nature of valley while taking a stroll in Göynük Canyon. You will also see many waterfalls and shallow small lakes. You will spend approximately 3 hours in the valley. The lenght of valley is approximately 4,5 kilometers. Göynük valley is also a part of Lycian Way. You can walk more or swim at small lakes after reaching to the source of valley.


The valley is 9 km far to Antalya city center. The depth of valley is 115 meters. The lenght of valley is 2 kilometers and width of it is 30 meters. The river streams till the Mediterranean.  Most noteworthy deers are also living wildly in nature. Güver Canyon Nature Park is suitable for taking photos of nature. There are many cruising points at canyons. You can only watch the valley from above. There isn’t any option for to take a stroll in valley.


This is a wonder of nature. The length of valley is 360 meters and depth of it is 400 meters.  You will pass over bridges and reach to source of valley easily. The waterfall of canyon pours to a small lake. You should feel the cold fresh water while swimming  at this wonderful water.

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