There are so many tourist attraction points at Alanya. For instance you can view wonderful places by a boat tour. We offer to not miss the opportunity for boat trip. You may arrange half of a day for outgoing activities like as valleys, caves, castles, rivers, etc…


Workers found the cave as a result of coincidence in 1948. Damlataş cave is also next to the beach of Damlataş. By the way you will not pay any charge for visiting here. Furthermore Damlataş beach and cave is approximately 3 kilometers far to Alanya town center. Consequently the beach of Cleopatra is the other name of Damlataş beach. In conclusion sand of beach and  clearance of sea water is wonderful. By the way you can reach to the beach by walking from Bus Station of Alanya. The beach is 333 meters far to the archaeological museum of Alanya. It is also near to the castle of Alanya.


There are so many restaurants and cafe beside the River Dim. The most noteworthy you can’t imagine the cool water of Dim river that will refresh you. You can also go to the Dim River by public transportation. Furthermore you will enjoy much at here. You will drive in the valley of Dim for both of cave and river. We offer to arrange half of a day for both of cave and river especially on summer time.

Cave of  is bigger than Damlataş cave. It is near to the river of Dim. The length of cave is 410 meters. You will also see glorious stalactites and stalagmites. You can visit between 09:00 and 19:00 hours. In addition you will pay 4$ as an entrance fee.


You will see old houses in the castle. You can also buy gift products while walking to summit of castle in an hour. There are enough restaurants and cafes if you need to eat or drink something. The residental settlements began at Hellenistic term on peninsula of Alanya. In fact the castle constructed in BC 2nd century. Seljukid State conquered the city in 1221 and they built Red Tower till 1237 over the ruins of old castle. You can also visit ethnography museum of Alanya at the entrance of Red Tower. In addition you can visit the shipyard of Seljuk State and swim, too.

You will pay 4$ as an entrance fee. In addition Museum Pass Card is valid.


The valley is approximately 45 kilometres far to Alanya town center. You may eat or drink something  at restaurants and cafes that are located at entrance of Sapadere valley. Furthermore you can swim at cold water of pool that the waterfall pours. You will admire the nature while taking a stroll at valley of Sapadere. Length of valley is approximately 800 meters. You will notice birds and butterflies, too. In addition you can feel better the fresh air on summer time.

Rainbow Cave is the other extra option which is near to the Sapadere canyon.


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